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About Us


Lawson Physical Culture Club opened in 1978. Two years later, Shirley Harris took over the club, and was Instructress for 26 years. In 2006, Sandy Farrell and Jill Leonard from Springwood club took over to form Lawson Springwood Physical Culture Club. Today the clubs three teachers, Shirley, Kerry and Christine, all enjoy sharing the friendships and fun of physie with the club.

Christine Hincksman

Christine first started physie at Lawson Physie Club when she was seven years old, and over thirty five years later still loves physie and enjoys sharing that love as a teacher. Christine has been teaching physie since 2014 and teaches the 3 to 12 year old sections.


Shirley Harris

Shirley took over Lawson Physie Club in 1980 and has been an instructress with the club for 40 years. Shirley was also the secretary of EP Physie till 2016. Shirley now assists teaching the ladies classes.

Kerry Solomon

Kerry has been doing physie since childhood, and first started teaching physie in 1999. Kerry now not only enjoys physie as a teacher and a member of the clubs ladies section, but as a mum as well, with her daughter also a member of the club. Kerry teaches the 13 years to Ladies sections.

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